Last week President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for foreign soldiers to assist the Ukrainian forces. Within a few days a huge number of foreign volunteers had arrived in Ukraine. Most of these volunteers have reported to the military recruiting office in the city of Lviv.

These volunteer soldiers will join an international legion that has been set up by the Ukrainian President. According to news reports most of these volunteers have previous military experience, and many of them have been trained as paramedics.

President Zelenskiy has encouraged the volunteers to fight beside the Ukrainians as they defend their country from the Russian invaders. Many of the volunteer soldiers have specialist military skills that will help the Ukrainian war effort.

Since the end of the war in Afghanistan there are a large number of professional soldiers who have returned to their homelands. For many of these soldiers the war in Ukraine represents an opportunity to continue fighting for what they believe is a just cause.

The Russian invasion is seen as a battle between an oppressive Russian dictatorship and the progressive democratic forces of Ukraine. This is a cause that they wish to support and are willing to lose their lives for.

So far, the majority of the foreign soldiers have come from the USA. This is despite their government saying that it discourages their offer of support. Other countries, like Germany and Canada, have stated that they will allow their citizens to volunteer.

Aside from the USA, most of the foreign volunteers come from European countries. In total the volunteers include 25 different nationalities, with some of them coming from distant countries like Jamaica and Colombia.

Social media has played a big role in helping volunteers to coordinate their plans and to arrange their equipment and supplies. Some of these groups have names like Have Gun Will Travel. These groups are helping to identify military specialists who can assist with training Ukrainians in using the weapons that are arriving from the West.

There is a particular demand for volunteers who are proficient in the use of anti-tank missiles, like the Javelin. These specialists can contribute to the war effort by training Ukrainian civilians to use these missiles.

Ukrainian officials are in the process of streamlining the volunteer registration process to make it seamless like the apuestas deportivas Peru offers. As this system is improved over the next few days it will allow for more volunteers to submit their paperwork and be assigned roles in the fight against Russia.

A wealthy American businessman posted a LinkedIn message offering to fund ex-soldiers and paramedics to come to Ukraine. His expectation of a few dozen people responding was totally wrong, as so far over a thousand people have requested funding to join the Ukrainian war effort.

As more weapons arrive in Ukraine from Western countries hopefully these volunteers will be able to assist in their deployment. Skilled military veterans and paramedics will undoubtably help in the Ukrainian effort to defend their country. It should also encourage the Ukrainian military as sign of global solidarity.