The Aspect Project started out in 2016 with experience members from previous bands. The aim was to create something new, something boasting energy, feeling and emotion - to tell stories yet untold and to explore new aspects of music . Talented musicianship, meaningful stories and heartfelt melodies have made the band capable of captivating the audience whilst delivering a tight , energetic live show. With two releases in 2017, the band show their passion for creativity and ambition .

The Aspect Project are: Hreinn Gunnarsson (Drums and Vocals) | Nicolay Hagen (Guitar and Vocals) | Christopher Nilsen (Guitar) | Smørgel (Bass)


Egosystema started out in the Spring of 2013, initially featuring current bass player Davide Porcelli on the drums and Cristiano Gallo (vocals). Back then, the band played a brew of US-influenced hard rock, with the added twist of writing lyrics in their mother tongue. After several line-up changes and the inclusion of heavier, yet progressive elements, however, the addition of Riccardo Lorenzini (vocals) and Luca Birocco (guitars) in 2016 eventually turned the group into a five piece. Soon enough, Egosystema was ready to record their sophomore album, Change Reality - produced at DP-Sound studios. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, the album concept tells the story of a love triangle - and the fights, revenge and ripercussions it brings about.
The band has recently completed a European tour with HED PE and will soon share the stage with modern metal legends Bullet For My Valentine .

Egosystema are: Riccardo Lorenzini (Vocals) | Luca Birocco (Guitar) | Davide Porcelli (Bass) | Erik Nalin (Drums) | Rodolfo Coda Bertetto (Keyboards & Synths)